8 Myths of Cloth Diapering

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Many new parents are cloth-curious when it comes to their diapering choices, and that's good news for mother earth. Cloth diapering is on the rise, which means parents have options, cute ones too. Yet, there are some misconceptions out there that might make it hard to make the switch.

After learning a bit more, you'll see that cloth diapering is just like regular diapering, just with cloth! Let's dispel some myths about cloth diapers:

Myth #1 It takes too much time

Not true. It takes about an extra 15 minutes of active time cleaning and putting away diapers a week. That's less than a trip to a giant baby warehouse store, right?

Myth #2 Your water and gas bill are high

(https://themonarchmommy.com/2016/06/07/real-cost-cloth-diaper-laundry/) this mommy did the math and saw a slight bump in her electric and water bill. She reported that combined, she was paying an average $1.96 a month more in utilities a month.

Myth #3 You're ALWAYS doing laundry

Most cloth diapering parents have 12 cloth diapers per child. Depending on your child's age, they might use about 5-6 a day. That means an extra load every other day. Honestly, it's not all that time-consuming.

Myth #4 I have to touch poo

Lots of parents swear by liners. They're like a flushable paper towel that you put between the baby and the diaper. It collects all the solid stuff, and then you flush it down. If poop on gets the diaper, rinse it first before throwing it in the laundry.

Always wash your hands after changing baby, same as disposable diaper changes.

Myth #5 I already started using disposable with my baby, it's too late to switch

Never too late! They even make cloth training pants. The sooner you start, the sooner you save money and the environment, but you don't have to be sad about joining the party late. Grab some cloth nappies and dive in!

Myth #6 You have to choose between cloth or disposable

NO WAY. Cloth isn't all an or nothing kind of deal. You can use disposables at night, when you're anticipating a big poop, or traveling. Most parents like to mix it up and use them when they feel like it makes the most sense. It's totally up to you.

Myth #7 Cloth diapers aren't really that environmentally friendly

Sure, you have to do another load of laundry. But when you factor in the process in which disposables are made (ahem, I'm looking at you, petroleum), they are a great option. Disposable diapers are plastic and don't compost or break down once they're thrown away. Most babies go through approximately 6000 diapers from birth to potty training; that's a lot of trash. Every time you choose a cloth diaper, you're making a good choice for mama earth.

Myth #8 it's expensive

There is indeed an initial setup cost. But after that, you end up saving in the long run. You can register for cloth diapers or buy them second-hand.

Here are some of cloth diapering essentials:


There are so many brands out there; it will make your head spin. But shopping for cloth diapers is pretty great. So many moms before have done the research and helped paved the way for us. Plus the designs are so adorable.

Bambino Mio

Gro via


Laundry soap

While it's true that you don't need special soap to wash cloth diapers, using an eco-friendly soap is best. Some common detergents will build up and coat your diapers which can make them less absorbent. Additionally, choosing a cloth diaper detergent is easier on your baby's delicate skin and the environment. Save the turtles.

Wet bag

A must when you're out and about. Just stuff the soiled diaper into the zippered bag, and you're good to go. The wet bag can also be used for damp bathing suits or accidents when you're potty training.

Diaper pail
You're going to need a place to store those wet nappies before laundry day. A diaper pail that can also pull double duty as a place to pre-soak is the way to go.


When you cloth diaper, it's easy to cloth wipe too. Just throw the whole lot into the laundry; no need to sort out the disposable wipe.

Diaper spray
A quick spray keeps your baby's skin fresh, clean, and calm. Now carry on.


These are a must when cloth diapering. Lay a fresh sheet down before snapping baby into a new diaper. When your baby goes number two, you can lift the whole mess out and into the toilet, easy peasy.

You got this.