Top Five Biking Trails Near Brigham City, UT

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Brigham City sits at the edge of some beautiful and wild trails. With Forest in all directions, there is so much rugged landscape to explore. Pump up your bike tires and prepare to get gritty with these top five mountain biking trails.

1. Perry Canyon Trail

Perry Canyon is a 3.6-mile out-and-back trail located in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. This trail is perfect for a short ride and feeling the sunshine on your skin. Surround yourself with nature, mountains, and a river on your ride. Shh, hear that? It's the sound of wind in the trees, birds chirping, and your heart pumping. Oh, that's nice.

2. Eagles Rise Trail

Eagles Rise is Located in Mantua, UT, and features a reservoir. Ride this 5-mile loop with your energetic doggo by your side (Remember, dogs must be kept on a leash). Be sure to get there early or late in the day because there is no shade, and the sun can get aggressive. There are many off-shoots on this trail to explore in addition to the main route. Find the jump-run to level up and get a little gnarly, but only if you're an expert rider.

3. North Fork Park Figure-Eight Ride

North Fork is nearly 10 miles of a figure-eight loop featuring some steep climbs and downhill switchbacks. This trail is not for the beginner crew. Be sure to watch out for hikers and horseback riders as you shred downhill turns. You will be picking bugs out of your smile all night. It will be worth it.

4. Cutler's Twist

Also in North Fork Park is Cutler's Twist, a 1.4-mile singletrack trail located in the Cache National Forest. Ride clockwise for fast-paced downhill runs will have your adrenaline racing. This is a mulit-use trail, so watch out for hikers. Just let out a loud "Ohhhhyeeeah!" that should clear the path. Want to go in the winter? This trail is maintained for fatbikes all year round.

5. Bicentennial Loop

Bicentennial is a 50-minute drive south will take you to this chill 3.8 mile, 704 feet gain in elevation loop. It may seem short and sweet, but it will get your heart rate up. The trail sits under a canopy of trees, so you will have plenty of shade to cool you off. Also, look out for an adventure element on this trail: crossing a wide river. Depending on the river depth (spring can be the highest due to snowmelt), you may have to hoist your bike overhead. Either way, your socks will be squishy. It might be a nice treat to hot feet.

Whether you're weaving around trees, getting weird in the mud, or sloshing through a river, riding your bike is the best way to see the northern Utah landscape.

Before you hit the singletracks, you'll need a reliable and sporty way to get you to the trailhead. Be sure to check out Hansen Motor Co. for the best inventory of vehicles in Brigham City.

Be safe out there, and we'll see you on the trail.