Waiting For The Sun To Rise

Article     Harness Magazine

what is normal

for me its the rain, the way it ba-ba booms
it’s this crusty bread wearing a thick coat of butter
it’s three pairs of blue eyes

everything else is strange:

boarding up our homes
locking the door
the news

right now we’re in an endless loop of evenings

all I want to do is go to the beach and collapse in the sunny sand
I want to go somewhere beautiful and breathe in the open air.

it’s kinda neat though
staying in, all together

we are together

hygienically and metaphorically holding hands
aligning our heartbeats
we have the same song to sing

but privilege makes our melodies different
the haves and the have-nots
some take the high parts, others take the low

I drove through a low-income neighborhood the other day and saw a line around the block for a food bank.

I sighed a heavy sigh
and swallowed hard

our melodies are different
the night is dark,
and we are all just waiting for the sun to rise.